How eggbox plants trees

True to our premise “Only through environmentally conscious management will we achieve sustainable success“, we are striving not only to act economically, but also ecologically. Sustainability is also close to our customers’ hearts, and so we made it our goal to make the transport of their eggboxes CO2-neutral. In addition to generating electricity from our own solar plant and using green power from the electricity supplier Green Planet Energy, we use up to 100% recyclable and FSC-certified corrugated cardboard. This represents another factor in our efforts to protect the environment.

To further expand this endeavor, we have been working with the organization plant-my-tree since 2021

which enables companies to operate as climate-neutral as possible by supporting environmental and climate protection projects.

Together with other partners, we are thus also actively contributing to sustainable climate protection by supporting tree planting. Since becoming a member, we have already been able to support the planting of 500 trees , thus contributing to initial reforestation, forest conversion and forest regeneration in Germany.

Reforestation mainly involves areas previously used for other purposes, but also the reconstruction of destroyed forest stands and

the subsequent protection of forests is one of plant-my-tree’s projects.

We are aware that the forest plays an essential role in climate protection, and

from CO2 storage to being home to diverse species, is an important part of the ecosystem.

For these reasons, we want to continue supporting the reforestation projects in the future and thus commit ourselves to climate protection.