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Managing Director Gunnar Jensen introduces the company

Hello Mr Jensen! To start the interview, please first describe yourself and then the eggbox company in three words.

Gunnar Jensen: I would describe myself as friendly, honest and responsible and eggbox as a aspiring, service-oriented company with the aim to act as ecological as possible.

Thank you very much!
What actually makes the eggbox company so special?

Gunnar Jensen: We are a medium-sized company, so a well functioning, honest teamthat is always ready to lend a hand is very important. On the other hand, the company must also flexibly respond to the needs of its employees. That is the case at eggbox and I am proud of that.

And what is the strength of eggbox products?

Gunnar Jensen: We have a unique product developed for the egg market, in which there had previously been no real changes for decades. Of course, we also encountered problems here: At the beginning, it was difficult to convince egg producers to try something new. But the advantages of our egg packaging are obvious.

Due to its shape and the opportunity of large-scale and high-quality printing the eggbox offers a wide range of options to meet the customers needs. Stability and machine runability stable and and can be filled by machine were prerequisites from the very beginning and belong to our strengths. Many small, medium and large producers in Germany and abroad recognized this and have meanwhile been working with us for years.